Jul 19
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IT Migration Nea International - Maastricht, Nederland

by Frank Dirks

Early this year, our southernmost Dutch client, Nea International, informed us about plans to upgrade its IT structure in two phases from a Microsoft 2003 environment to a 2007 and 2012 infrastructure.

After an extensive two-month phase, consisting of planning, designing and building the new 2007 structure, the actual migration was completed over a single long weekend by a group of system administrators from Securelink, Quercis, Nea International and Globalonly, with intense collaboration the order of the day. That weekend, we successfully migrated the entire company to the new IT structure with the least possible downtime.

Here are some statistics applicable to that weekend: 120 working hours, 30 hours unexpected delay, 26 workstations, 6 enterprise servers, 27 users, 348,284 files, 13,717 directories, 623 GB of data, 217,000 emails and quite a few cups of strong coffee.

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