Our approach


"Improving global teamwork is not only about hi-tech equipment or high levels of human competence. It's above all about a balanced combination and aligned development of the right tools and skills."

Core elements of global teamwork

The foundation of our approach

As members of Globalonly, we constantly ask ourselves three questions: 'What do people who work in teams need to be successful? What technical tools should be available to them? And what kind of practical skills do they need to develop?' The model that we call 'the core elements of global teamwork' gives us the answer to these questions. It helps us guide and support anyone who aims to develop a comprehensive strategy to address one of the most inspiring and tough challenges of our time: global collaboration.


Known to us as ‘Core Elements’, the key principles of global teamwork act as a so-called 'Guide Beacon' to people who are serious about professional collaboration. This places fifteen elements that determine the quality of teamwork into a practical perspective. Knowledge of the 'Core Elements' helps you select effective interventions in order to improve the way you or your team collaborates.

The core elements are divided into three groups. These are aspects, modes and assets of teamwork and are represented by the green, blue and red icons. These symbols encourage us to ask ourselves the question; 'What aspect, modes or assets of teamwork do we need to develop in order to improve our collaboration capacity?' If you would like to delve deeper into the interesting world of these 'Core Elements', please have a look at our Global Teamwork Blog.

The services that we offer to our clients are fully based on the 'Core Elements'. This means that our Global Team Systems and Global Team Training courses are developed with all aspects, modes and assets of teamwork in mind. In other words, by using the 'Core elements of global teamwork' as a guideline, we are able to design systems and training courses that will prove to be invaluable resources for anyone collaborating as part of global teams.

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