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Aug 25
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Model: Core Elements of Global Teamwork

by Frank Dirks

Hello everyone. Welcome back,

We have covered a fair amount of ground over the past two months in our quest to describe the ‘core elements of global teamwork’. To remind you and inform others, here is an inspiring list of keywords that we’ve covered:

“Global, local, teamwork, core, elements, collaboration, interaction, aspects, modes, assets, connection, communication, contribution, coordination, professional, recreational, components, competence, tools, skills, compass, map, pack, navigation, conserving, copying, compelling, conforming, competing, cooperating, comprehending, complementing, team, diversity, commitment and cohesion”.

One question has not yet been answered: How do the ‘core elements of global teamwork’ form a single comprehensive model? Well... To answer this, we have created this smart and easy-to-understand graphic. It illustrates what the ‘core aspects, core modes and core assets of teamwork’ are and how they relate to one another. This model will help you explore all the teamwork processes that you may encounter. Here are a few:

You can use this model to discover that every mode of teamwork requires different competences from team membdrs...

You can use this model to see that the way in which we connect, communicate, contribute and coordinate changes depends on our mode of teamwork…

You can use this model to find out what components we can use to cooperate and what components should be supplemented…

You can use this model to determine what competences we need to communicate in a competitive mode…

From now on, you can use this model to describe, understand and improve all teamwork processes that you could ever be involved in. It will also be very useful in translating the ‘core elements of global teamwork’ to suit particular fields of expertise, such as marketing, management, human resources and information technology. This is one of the crucial aspects for which we will provide support in future posts.

But for now, take another look at the graphic and get used to the idea that ‘the future of teamwork is global’. This entails the ability to effectively work with anyone, regardless of nationality, location or time. And in a local, global, professional or informal context.

And please remember that we are all invited!

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