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Mar 30
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Core Elements of Global Teamwork

by Frank Dirks

A few weeks ago, we showed you a graphic titled 'the core elements of global teamwork’. In this follow-up post, we will give you a step-by-step explanation of what we are actually talking about.

Firstly, we will demonstrate what we mean with this ambitious title. Then, we will describe how these 'core elements' can be of practical use to you and the people you work with.

The 'core elements of global teamwork' are a number of highly basic, practical and easy-to-use ingredients found in every form of teamwork that you will encounter in your life.

By combining these elements, we will create a set of tools that will enable you to efficiently work with others at any time and anywhere on the planet.

This is why the 'core elements of global teamwork’ will support anyone who collaborates with others, regardless of context or scale. And regardless of whether collaboration is local, global, professional or informal.

Learning about these tools will enhance your ability to better describe and understand teamwork processes, and will enable you to improve the results of your collective team efforts.

Before we take the first step, there is one more thing to remember. Be aware of what 'the core elements of global teamwork' actually are and what they aren’t. They represent reality, but are not reality itself. In this case, they are tools that help you navigate the ‘teamwork landscape’. But they do not make up the actual landscape. Practice and experience in teamwork are necessary in order to master this ‘navigation process on the teamwork landscape’.

We invite you to join us as we go on this new and exciting adventure. Stay tuned for more,...

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