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"We support professional teams with social collaboration technology and generative teamwork training in order to improve their ability to work together more generative and inclusive, regardless of whom they work with, when they work and where on the planet they work".

Social Collaboration Technology by Globalonly

Social Collaboration Technology

Our social collaboration systems place people at the heart of information technology. They ensure that employees, partners and customers have access to the right type of information at the right time wherever they might need it. We believe that organisations that provide and promote this 'connected experience' will transform themselves into more socially and globally integrated enterprises in which groups of people seamlessly work together and enjoy working together. Things get done more effectively and innovation comes more easily.

Global Collaboration Training by Globalonly

Generative Teamwork Training

When operating in a global environment, good teamwork has become increasingly important, because team members with different backgrounds, skills sets and ideas may be scattered across different continents around the globe. We believe that team members who consciously decide to develop their ability 'to interact resourcefully with other people, regardless of their ideas, status or background’, will achieve more sustainable and favourable results. They will experience a deeper purpose while collaborating in any environment.

Mobile Workspace

Work wherever you want or need to. Combine personal life and work towards greater productivity and reduced stress.

Enhance Relationships

Align yourself. Discover the motives, intentions and ambitions of your co-workers and clients.

Social Environment

Connect with anyone at any time. Participate in conversations and build strong relationships.

Awaken Innovation

Collectively capture, evolve and assess ideas. Gain new insights and explore their potential.

Private Cloud

Get the best of both worlds; reliability and self-management. Scalable, accessible and flexible.

Strengthen Commitment

Make the optimum contribution to your team by unleashing your full potential. Purposeful and inspiring.

Information Analysis

Discover useful patterns in the data collected from your website, community and social channels.

Breakdown Barriers

Transcend personal, departmental, nationality or cultural barriers. Act from an inclusive point of view.

Online Presence

Create, align and manage your website, community webshop, social profiles, rankings and backlinks.

Share Perspectives

Explore one another’s world views, beliefs and criteria. Develop a more global sense of identity.

Collaboration Tools

Work together at a central accessible location. Share files, schedule meetings, transmit ideas, etc.

Empower Team Members

Engage everyone to the full. Contribute to the team, project or organisation as a whole.

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