Improving Global Collaboration by Globalonly

Improving Global Collaboration

We support professional teams by developing online collaboration systems and global teamwork training in order to improve their ability to work together effectively, regardless of whom they work with...

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Improving Online Education by Globalonly

Improving Online Education

We are committed to enabling, supporting and encouraging electronic education and online collaboration to benefit children living in the most remote, rural and underdeveloped parts of the world...

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One question inspires us in particular: "What technical tools and practical skills should we develop in order to be able to collaborate sustainably and in live in harmony with others that are scattered across continents around the globe and having different backgrounds, lifestyles, beliefs and ideals?"

Social Collaboration Technology

Special type of information technology designed to help people interact and share information to achieve common goals.

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Distance Learning Technology

Information technology infrastructure designed for educational purposes (e-learning) in challenging environments.

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Global Teamwork Training

Tailor-made training designed to improve collaboration processes in professional, intercultural (virtual) teams.

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Globalopen Community

Online community for anyone interested in improving global collaboration and online education.

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Latest news

  • mini-data-centre-mandalay-myanmar-news-globalonly

These guys in Mandalay are working hard to prepare our 'Mini Datacentre for Education Purposes' for our ambitious project in Myanmar... great job Bo Swar! More detailed information about our IT Development,...

  • globalopen-pre-registration-news-globalonly

Globalopen PreRegistration is open for everybody who can't wait! Create your account on Globalopen and be the first to start learning more about 'global teamwork and collaboration'.

  • model-core-elements-of-global-teamwork

Global Teamwork Blog. We have covered a fair amount of ground over the past two months in our quest to describe the ‘core elements of global teamwork’. To remind you and inform others, here is an inspiring list of keywords that we’ve covered: Global, local, teamwork...

  • nea-international-projects-globalonly

Early this year, our southernmost Dutch client, Nea International, informed us about plans to upgrade its IT structure in two phases from a Microsoft 2003 environment to a 2007 and 2012 infrastructure. After an extensive two-month...

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