Global Team Systems

Our global team systems place people at the heart of information technology. They ensure that employees, partners and customers have access to the right type of information at the right time...


Global Team Training

When operating in a global environment, good teamwork has become increasingly important, because team members with different backgrounds, skills sets and ideas may be scattered across...

"It isn't about whether or not we should collaborate globally.
The relevant question revolves around the technical tools and practical skills that we should improve in order to be ready for global teamwork when required."

Improve Connection

Relate to people within and beyond team limits. Learn about their needs, ambitions and challenges.

Improve Contribution

Develop a practical and energising style of work. Put your talents to good use by complementing others.

Improve Communication

Interact socially with team members, partners and other people. Create synergy and transparency.

Improve Coordination

Establish clear, common and sustainable objectives. Realise goals that exceed the ordinary.

Latest news

  • nea-international-projects-globalonly

Early this year, our southernmost Dutch client, Nea International, informed us about plans to upgrade its IT structure in two phases from a Microsoft 2003 environment to a 2007 and 2012 infrastructure. After an extensive two-month...

  • core-assets-of-global-teamwork

Nice you're back. The last few weeks we have been talking about the 'Core elements of Global Teamwork'. A concept we designed in order to help you to describe, understand and improve the teamwork-processes you are involved in. Locally, globally, in professional and...

  • globalopen-bangkok-thailand-projects-globalonly

We are very excited to announce that we are currently developing our own online community with the premium domain name of The goal of the platform is to provide a social space for anyone interested in Global Teamwork in a professional...

  • core-modes-of-global-teamwork

Last week we started our exploration of the 'Core elements of Global Teamwork'. We introduced the first of three tools that we have designed to navigate the 'teamwork landscape'. This first tool is called the 'teamwork compass'. It uses the 'core aspects of global teamwork'...

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