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Global Community Systems

Our global community systems put people at the center of information technology. It ensures that employees, partners and customers can work with the right type of information at the right moment, anywhere they need it. We believe that organizations that provide and advocate this 'connected experience' will transform itself into more social integrated enterprises in which groups of people work together seamlessly and enjoyably. They will get things done more effectively and be able to innovate more easily.

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Global Collaboration Training

When operating in a global environment, good teamwork has become increasingly important as team members with different backgrounds, skill sets and ideas may be scattered on different continents across the globe. We believe that team-members who consciously decide to develop their ability 'to interact fruitfully with other people regardless of their ideas, status or background’, will achieve more sustainable and desirable results. They will experience a deeper purpose while collaborating in work and life.

We support teams worldwide with global community systems and global collaboration training in order to improve their ability to interact effectively with anyone, at any given time and place.

Our approach: core elements of global teamwork

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Our approach is integral; which means that we keep 'all aspects, modes and assets of interaction' in mind when we design communinity-systems or collaboration training-courses for our clients.

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Our approach is bridging; which means that our social community systems and global collaboration training-courses are designed to 'connect people with different views, opinions and ideas'.

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Our approach is versatile; which means that our community-systems and collaboration training-courses are designed for people of any nationality or background, and for teams active in any field of expertise.

Current projects

IT Structure PDO Highschool
-Mandalay, Myanmar-

IT Migration Nea International
-Maastricht, Netherlands-

Globalopen Collaboration Platform
-Bangkok, Thailand-


“Globalonly is a valuable partner of our globally oriented, hi-tech company. They provide us with a cutting edge vision on social collaboration and accessible, reliable technical services.”

Leo Pol | Ceo - PSS Heesch


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At Globalonly we collaborate in small groups of people with complementing expertise. We are active in a demanding 24/7 environment. The atmosphere is very informal though professional. The way we communicate is open, direct and honest. We challenge, stimulate and support each-other continuously in order to enhance our ability to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients.

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    Rob Warringa | System Engineering

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    Frank Dirks | Web & Team Development

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